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FreezersFreezers - Useful freezer tips plus links to pages containing pictures and information about different types of freezers, inc: Taylor batch freezers, antique ice cream freezers and country freezers.

Antique Ice Cream Freezer. Information, pictures, product details and links relating to antique ice cream freezers. Reproduction White Mountain ice cream freezers, hand crank ice cream freezer.

Developed for home use in 1848, the traditional crank ice-cream freezer employs a metal dasher inserted into a metal cylinder full of ice-cream base, which is placed in a bucket filled with a rock-salt and ice mixture (brine). The hand or motor-cranked dashers turn around in the ice-cream mixture as it freezes, preventing ice crystals from forming and ensuring a smooth, creamy final product.

Antique Ice Cream Freezer. (Click to enlarge)

Many ice-cream aficionados swear that antique ice cream freezers make the best ice cream, despite the extra work it takes to operate them. Although they are inevitably getting harder to find, it is still possible to get hold of Antique Ice Cream Freezers. Some examples are presented below.

13 Inch Antique Wooden Ice Cream Freezer (Click to enlarge)

Item: 7129 Price: $45
A 13" antique #4 wooden ice cream freezer with robins egg blue paint.

1923 Antique Wooden White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer. (Click to enlarge)

Item: 7131 Price: $75
This is a 1923 wooden White Mountain triple motion antique ice cream freezer in robins egg blue paint that looks like it could still make ice cream and stands 13" tall.

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Antique Mistique - The vintage Ice Cream Freezers featured on the Antique Ice Cream Freezer page can be purchased online from this website.

Blue Ridge Mountain Ice Cream - White Mountain Ice Cream Freezers.

The prices may have changed since writing this page, and you should check the sellers website for the latest prices and information

White Mountain Ice Cream Freezers

While it is still possible to buy Antique Ice Cream Freezers they can be hard to find and expensive to restore. A happy compromise is to buy a reproduction ice cream freezer based on a traditional design.

New England's White Mountain Freezer Company has manufactured traditional ice cream freezers for over 145 years and is one of the only companies left who still does. Their beautifully crafted, durable pine and stainless-steel ice-cream freezers give you the look and great taste of Antique Ice Cream Freezers married with modern convenience.

6 Quart Hand Crank Ice Cream Freezer

Built of the finest materials and construction, all White Mountain Freezers stand up and give long, satisfactory service. The tubs are made from selected New England Pine with a maple stain finish.

White Mountain 6 Quart Hand Crank Ice Cream Freezer.

Model: #F64306-X Price: $159.00

  • Only White Mountain Freezers feature the unique Triple Motion Action with 3-gear drive. This process properly mixes and beats the entire cream contents, resulting in the smoothest ice cream and assuring even freezing.
  • Freezer tubs are manufactured of select New England pine and bound with strong galvanized hoops. The tubs are fitted with electro-less nickel plated fixtures to ensure durability.
  • Tall profile can design allows cream to come in closer contact with ice and salt to give faster freezing. The cans are manufactured of heavy-duty stainless steel to guarantee long life.
  • Because the dasher is constructed of heavy duty cast iron, and is electro-less nickel plated, it will never warp out of shape like plastic dashers do. The imported Norwegian Beechwood blades are self-adjusting to ensure the thorough scraping of the inside of the can.

  • All prices quoted on the Antique Ice Cream Freezer page are indicative US prices at November 2005 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

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