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FreezersFreezers - Useful freezer tips plus links to pages containing pictures and information about different types of freezers, inc: Taylor batch freezers, antique ice cream freezers and country freezers.

Imperial Freezer Parts. Information about the best places to look for replacement Imperial freezer parts, as well as useful related Imperial commercial freezer parts links.

Due to the fact that Imperial's range of commercial heavy duty upright freezers has been discontinued, finding parts for them can prove to be difficult. Perhaps the best way to find Imperial freezer parts is by checking auction sites for low cost Imperial freezers. Below are some examples of Imperial Freezer auctions.

Imperial Freezer Model No. UF30G14471

This used commercial restaurant upright freezer has scratches and dents on both the right and left side and also the front. It is mounted on wheels but the bottom panel is missing. The door swings left. Would be ideal if looking for Imperial freezer parts.

Imperial Freezer Model UF30G14471 (Click to enlarge)

Starting Bid: US $0.99
  • Manufacturer: Imperial
  • Model: UF30G14471
  • Serial Number: 90J849030
  • Condition: Used
  • Tested: Yes/Turns On
  • Power Req.: 115V,1PH,9Amps
  • Weight: 400.00 Pounds
  • Length: 76 Inches
  • Width: 35 Inches
  • Depth:34 Inches

Imperial Heavy Duty Commercial Freezer

This Imperial Commercial Grade Freezer is a bargain for that additional freezer storage space for your garage, school, or church. It is in good condition with only a couple dings, but maybe would be better used for Imperial freezer parts as there is some scratching, and a couple minor rust spots inside. The bottom shelf in the door is broken. Unit is approx 14 cu. ft.

Imperial Heavy Duty Commercial Freezer. (Click to enlarge)

Starting Bid: US $19.99

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Wester Auction & Realty - Auction houses like this one which have restaurant equipment auctions are a good place to pick up cheap Imperial freezers to use for Imperial Freezer Parts.

Fridge Doctor - This website contains useful information about repairing refrigerators and freezers.

The prices may have changed since writing this page, and you should check the sellers website for the latest prices and information

Imperial Freezers: Repair Or Replace?

Although replacement Imperial freezer parts can sometimes be found for your Imperial freezer it is often cheaper in the long run to bite the bullet and buy a new freezer, rather than replace Imperial freezer parts. As this Imperial freezer owner's testimony and advice from shows.

"I've got a six year-old Imperial upright freezer, coils in the shelves and all. Last year the coils in the back (inside) of the freezer iced up. We shut it down, but did nothing else. It sat like that for a year. When I got back to it this year, it wouldn't get cold. We called a local appliance store who recommended a technician. The man who came out said that since the coils corroded and actually ruptured, it would be more expensive to repair it than to replace it. What do you think?"

Yes, basically if he were to find one leak and repair it another could surface soon and cause more trouble. The thickness of the coils is fairly consistent so if it corroded through in one spot there may be many others nearly as thin and ready to rupture as soon as the first one is repaired.

Imperial Commercial Heavy Duty Freezer. (Click to enlarge)

All auction prices quoted on the Imperial Freezer Parts page are indicative US prices as of November 2005.

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