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RefrigeratorsRefrigerators - A helpful website about many different types of refrigerators, freezers and also refrigerator parts and accessories. Find wine refrigerators, compact refrigerator, refrigerator magnets, and freezers.

Refrigerator Types and Models. Links to a number of pages with information about different refrigerator types and models, including: wine refrigerators, compact refrigerators and floral refrigerators.

This section of the website deals with the many different types of refrigerator that are available to the consumer. There is a wide range of refrigerator types and models to choose from and you can find more detailed information on a variety of different refrigerator types by looking through the page links located to the right. Below is a brief summary of some of the most common refrigerator types and models:

Side-by-side models. These are by far the most fully featured fridges, most often equipped with through-the-door ice and water dispensers (among the most requested consumer features) as well as temperature-controlled bins and rapid ice-making cycles. Their narrow doors are handy in tight spaces. High, narrow compartments make finding stray items easy in front (harder in the back), but they may not hold wide items such as a sheet cake or a large turkey.

Side By Side Refrigerator.

Top-freezer models. These are generally less expensive to buy and more space efficient than comparably sized side-by-side models. Widths typically range from about 30 to 33 inches. The eye-level freezer offers easy access. Fairly wide refrigerator shelves make it easy to reach the back, but you have to bend to reach the bottom shelves and drawers.

Bottom-freezer models. A small but growing part of the market, these put frequently used items at eye level. Fairly wide refrigerator shelves provide easy access. Though you must bend to locate items in the freezer, even with models that have a pull-out drawer, you will probably do less bending overall because the main refrigerated compartment is at eye level.

Built In Refrigerator. (Click to enlarge)

Built-in models. These are available in different refrigerator types and models but are generally side-by-side and bottom-freezer models. They show their commercial heritage, often having fewer standard amenities and less soundproofing than other lower-priced refrigerator types and models. Usually 25 to 26 inches front to back, they fit nearly flush with cabinets and counters. Their compressor is on top, making them about a foot taller than regular refrigerators--an issue if you have overhead cabinets. Most can accept extra-cost front panels that match the kitchen's décor.

Built-in-style or cabinet-depth models. These freestanding refrigerators offer the look of a built-in for less money. They are available in a variety of refrigerator types and models but mostly come in side-by-side and bottom-freezer styles, with a few top-freezers. Many accept extra-cost panels for a custom look.

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Wine RefrigeratorWine - Product details and pictures of a range of wine refrigerators plus links to sites where you can buy them. 6 bottle wine refrigerator up to 50 bottle wine refrigerator.

Compact RefrigeratorCompact - Product details and pictures of a range of compact refrigerators plus links to sites where you can buy them. Hot+Cold mini fridge, Danby deluxe compact refrigerator.

Cabinet Depth RefrigeratorsCabinet Depth - Information, pictures and product details relating to cabinet depth refrigerators plus links to places where you can buy cabinet depth refrigerators. Amana side-by-side refrigerator, bottom freezer refrigerator.

Kitchen Aid RefrigeratorsKitchen Aid - Information on different refrigerators made by KitchenAid as well as links to places where you can buy Kitchen Aid refrigerators and KitchenAid side by side refrigerators.

Floral RefrigeratorsFloral - Product details and pictures of a range of floral refrigerators plus links to sites where you can buy them. True 1 door floral refrigerator up to True 3 slide door floral merchandiser.

General Electric RefrigeratorsGeneral Electric - Pictures, product details and links relating to General Electric refrigerators, including their 48" and 24.6 cu. ft. side-by-side refrigerator models.

Propane RefridgeratorPropane - Information about how propane refridgerators work as well as product details and links to sites where you can buy propane refridgerators.

Antique RefridgeratorAntique - Antique refridgerator. Information relating to antique and retro refrigerators. Plus links to websites where you can buy antique refridgerators. Reproduction refrigerator, Heartland refrigerator.

Home Bar RefridgeratorHome Bar - Pictures and product details of different home bar refridgerators and also links to where you can purchase them. Carlsberg chiller, LEC wine & beer chiller, Harley Davidson beer fridge.

Outdoor Keg RefrigeratorsOutdoor Keg - Pictures and product details relating to a number of outdoor keg refrigerators. Plus links to sites where you can buy outdoor keg dispensers kegerators and Summit outdoor keg refrigerators.

Maytag Wide-by-Side RefrigeratorsMaytag Wide-by-Side - Product details, pictures and links relating to Maytag wide-by-side refrigerators. Including details of Maytag MZD2665HEB and MZD2665H models.

Refrigerator Types and Models 2Refrigerator Types and Models 2 - Access to more pages with information relating to different refrigerator types. The 'refrigerator types and models 2' page also contains useful refrigerator related links.

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